About i-Aicon

i-Aicon is a brand for substitutes of high quality printer and copier cartridges - one of the most successful products of Biurteksa.

Wonderful price

The price of i-Aicon cartidges that are traded by Biurteksa is much lower comparing it with original cartridges, but the quality and resources are the same - the possibility of a cartridge defect is only 0.5 percent.

Suitable for many devices

These cartridges, unlike other substitutes and originals, are suitable for many devices, so you no longer need to bother and look for different cartridges for different printers or copiers.

Excellent quality

i-Aicon cartridges are distinguished from other substitutes for their resistance to environmental change –they can withstand high temperatures and high humidity, so even in critical moments–it won`t be damaged.  

Innovative solutions

Biurteksa is constantly updating the range of i-Aicon substitutes of new, yet non-existent products in the market, giving customers not only a wide selection but also the most innovative solutions for the most reasonable price.

100% guarantee!

In case of a defect, Biurteksa promptly responds to the situation and corrects the mistake as quick as possible.

Incredibly fast delivery

If you order i-Aicon cartridges at Biurteksa, you will get them the next day, since the remainder of cartridges is carefully supervised and supplemented in the stock.