About us

UAB Biurteksa - one of the largest printer and toner wholesaler in the Baltic countries. In this field the company is working since 2002 and it’s known as a reliable and long-term benefits developing partner.

UAB Biurteksa prepares up to 200 orders per day. The company’s warehouse space is 1000 m2.

UAB Biurteksa trades the production of the most popular manufacturersas i-Aicon, Samsung, Canon, HP, and others.

The company's main goal - not only to provide the printing machines and supplies for its customers but also to help develop the assortment, improve their logistics and provide market insights.

UAB Biurteksa believes in long-term partnership, honest competition, and objectivity.Rather than competing with its customers, UAB Biurteksa gladly shares its gained knowledge and expertise.

i-Aicon is a brand for substitutes of high quality printer and copier cartridges - one of the most successful products of Biurteksa.

The aspiration of UAB Biurteksa is the success of its customer. Everyone can supply the equipment, but to supply it for success - only UAB Biurteksa.